Get Involved with the Community and Meet New People at The 3rd Place in Wilmington

August 7, 2017

If you were to take the cozy feel of your favorite coffeehouse and combine it with the community focus of your local library, you’d be left with something like The 3rd Place. Self-described as “your neighborhood living room,” this non-profit venue exists as a community meeting place—a spot where locals can convene to discuss current events, discover new artists, join in on a book club, listen to live music, or just kick back with their laptop and hook up to the free Wi-Fi—and it’s less than one mile away from MKT!

The best way to see what The 3rd Place is all about is, of course, by visiting the place in person. The venue gives you ample reason to do so; just check out their online calendar to see what we mean. Upcoming events include a First Friday art reception, ladies’ book club, a pop-up farmers’ market, and a kids’ art show.

Be sure to check out The 3rd Place’s Facebook page to keep tabs on what’s happening!

The 3rd Place
1139 W Seventh St
Wilmington, DE 19805

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