There are a handful of professions for which, no matter the state of the union, there will always be a need. If a degree in law is in your future, congratulations: You picked one of those professions. If you’ve decided on the right place to study, but are still looking for a home to match, we’re here to help. At MKT residences, each of which is right in the heart of Wilmington’s bustling downtown, we have a prime selection of chic apartments near Widener University Delaware Law School.

With each community within approximately 20 minutes of campus, you can’t ask for more when it comes to convenience without having to actually bite the bullet and take up residency on campus. While campus life has a ton to offer, living in a dormitory is not for everyone. But when you live at any of our MKT properties while enrolled at Widener University, you get the best of both worlds: You’re able to take advantage of all that the campus has to offer, but at the end of the day, you can return to your own personal, private retreat.

Aside from living in the lap of luxury in one of our updated, modern apartments, there are some standout amenities offered by MKT that perfectly complement the lifestyle of any busy student, particularly one that appreciates some time spent away from campus.

Whether it’s at one of the business centers or a resident lounge, you’re able to have a quiet place to study without having to rely on the school’s library—which is often times packed with other students—or your own apartment. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to easily get out of your home for a change of scenery, without having to venture too far. And how nice would it be to have just a quick ride in an elevator to be home once you wrap things up?

So if you’re looking for apartments near Widener University Delaware Law School and you want something that is convenient and jam-packed with amenities that can’t come close to being matched by dorm life, give us a call. We know one of our properties will be the perfect fit.